Janani Agro Facility Centers (JAFC)

Janani AgriServe functions through a network of small centers. We currently operate 3 such centers in Andra Pradesh as pilots.

Janani has signed with  Franchisees in Ranga Reddy District for operations from this season

at Manchal, Moinpet, Nawabpet, Bantaram, Shankarpally, Marpally, Peddamul, Vikarabad

We are looking to expand our network to all the districts of Andra Pradesh, and we solicit enquiries from interested franchisees.

Typically, the JAFCs will cover a cluster of 3 to 4 villages and serve around 1000 progressive farmers. Each center will support around 3000 to 4000 acres of cultivated lands that produce multiple crops. JAFCs will have state of art Information Technology and Communication Facilities.

Centers can be opened by Local Entrepreneurs,  Farmer Co-operatives,  Self Help Groups and NGOs.

Revenue Model

Farmers will be charged appropriate Service Charges for the various services being provided by the Agripreneurs under JAFCs Franchiseeship. The Franchisees will also sell Agri Inputs to the Farmers at prices fixed with suitable margins.

Revenue Sharing

The Total Revenues of the Centre will be shared between Janani and Franchisee at pre-determined ratios, covered under a Memorandum of Understanding entered into between them.  This arrangement will be reviewed periodically and amendments will be made to make the system vibrant, meeting the overall objectives, competitive and profitable to all the stake holders.  The entire system will be operated in a transparent way.

The investment required from the village level franchisee is Rs. 3-5 lakhs depending on the size of the operation.

General Roles and Responsibilities of the Franchisee

  1. To identify suitable location for establishment of JAFC
  2. To provide requisite Infrastructure and  Finance
  3. To recruit, train and deploy manpower initially and Manage them in their day to day activities
  4. To promote the JAP Concept among Farmers and motivate them to become members of JAFCs
  5. Co-ordinate and co-operate with Janani and its alliance partners in order to provide efficient and cost effective services to Farmers from JAFC
  6. To ensure that all the activities are carried out as per the norms, guidelines and procedures given by Janani from time to time
  7. To attend to the complaints from Farmers or Channel Partners in time and provide such redresses as may be necessary

Mandal Aggregation Centers

All the JAFCs in a mandal (10-15 centers) will be attached to a mandal level aggregation center. This center will be established and managed by Agri graduates and MBAs. All the mandal centers will be managed by Janani’s team from their district office.

The investment required from the mandal level franchisee is Rs. 10-15 lakhs depending on the size of the operation.