We offer a variety of services that address the needs of the agricultural community

at each and every stage of the farming process:

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  1. Personalized Agro Advisory Services
  2. Quality Inputs Supply
  3. Timely Financial Support
  4. Unique Agri Insurance
  5. Marketing Services
  6. Post Harvest Management
  7. IBM’s Spoken Web
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Personalized Agro Advisory Servicesesagu

eSagu is the project of International Institute for Information Technology (IIIT-H), Hyderabad, the premier IT autonomous university and MediaLab Asia, Min. of IT, Govt. of India. eSagu has won many International and national awards. Janani is the Private Sector Stake Holder in this project from inception and deploying the same on a commercial platform.

JAFC, which employs a Co-ordinator (Local Progressive farmer with minimum education) who initially collects the details from registered farms (soil data, water resources, previous crops, pest issues, current crop, seed variety, etc). which are stored in the computer network. On a weekly basis, the co-ordinator visits each farm on a esagu2specific day, collects the data of farm operations done during the previous week from the farmer. He then makes his own observation of the crop status and problems. Further he also takes four to five digital photographs of the problem areas in the Crop. A CD is burnt with all these data and photographs at the JAFC, which is collected by the Mandal level franchisee and delivered to the Agri lab at District/ Hyderabad. The automatic Weather Information System from each JAFC also sends the weather report to the Centralized Agri Lab at Hyderabad. The Scientists at the Agri Lab, who are from various disciplines such as Soil Science, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Entomology, etc. go through these data, photographs, previous history and weather information and provide the advice for that crop. These advices are delivered to the farmers the same day through the internet at JAFC or SMS. Total process takes only 48 hours from data collection at field till delivery of the advice to the farmer personally. Details of e-sagu can be found here.


Agri Inputs at fair prices

rallis th_nagarjuna_group syngentalogo godavari dupontbayer

Janani has already entered into marketing arrangements with some of the premier organizations in Agri Inputs Industry for supply of Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides to Janani Farmers through JAFCs at fair prices. Some of our business associates are Nagarjuna, Coromandal, Syngenta, DuPont, Rallis… Imaginative usage of the crop growth data received through eSagu will be the main driver for this service, which will help Janani to plan the supply chain activities very effectively, which will bring the need for working capital to the minimum and improve the profitability by strategic purchases of inputs from the suppliers in time.


Agri Finance

iciciAn unique arrangement with ICICI Bank helps Janani Farmers to get Agri Inputs Loan without any security (up to Rs.50,000/-) through a hassle free process and comparatively cheaper interest rates. Negotiations are underway to bring in more Banks and other financial institutions in Janani’s fold. HDFC and Dhanax are some of the important organizations which already expressed their interest. Janani Farmers will also provide with Warehousing Receipt Finances through Banks, to support their post harvest financial needs.


Agri Insurance

Janani Farmers can avail Weather Insurance through ICICI Lombard from JAFCs. An innovative Weather Insurance Scheme is also being discussed with Weather Risk Management Services Pvt Ltd, Kanpur, and a pioneer in this field.


Agri Commodities Marketing Services

Janani Farmers are provided with various options to market their outputs, at an opportune time. The Channels include Exporters, Large Retail Chains, Govt. Procurement Agencies, Terminal Markets, Food Processing Industries, Commodity Exchanges, Spot Markets, etc.


The Data Base mcxbeing generated through eSAGU will be exploited profitably for rendering this service. ICT network would also help to link the farmers to the market continuously, to take appropriate decision. Janani would also use the Commodity Exchanges future options as Price risk Mitigation Strategy for the farmers, to protect them from price fluctuations. Discussions are under way with MCX and Forward Market Commission for a new Aggregator Concept Model for this purpose.


Post Harvest Management

apswc JAFCs will aggregate, sort, pack, transport and store the Janani farmers’ outputs in recognized warehouses, in order to facilitate post harvest activities.


IBM’s Spoken Web

ibm-logoThis IBM telecom based solution has been developed to bridge the divide between rural and urban markets, by providing Livelihood, Social and Local specific Commercial Information to the rural population through telephone/mobiles. IBM and Janani are in discussion, to launch a joint pilot based on Spoken Web.


Other Rural Products/Services

IBM also intends developing a Technology Aggregation Platform for IT enabled Services related to Healthcare, Education, Micro Finance, Micro Insurance, etc. as part of their Rural Outreach Program in this Venture.