Quality based eAuction Platform


Janani has successfully Piloted Quality based eAuction Platform at its Direct Purchase Centre at AMC Market Yard, Sattenapalli, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh for Dry Red Chilies.

The Features:

  • Price discovery based on quality of the produce and market prices
  • Farmer’s getting better realization than normal – viz. selling through Mandies
  • Buyers assured of quality, quantity and deliveries by Janani.
  • All transactions through Bank
  • 60 buyers registered already
  • Quantity handled through this model from April 17 till June 17 – 2.00 Lakh Kgs
  • Employing nearly 200 women on “Job Work” basis for stem removal


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 Action Plan for Spices Marketing in 2017-18

The Operational Model of the Venture 

  • Janani will operate “Direct Purchase Centers” for various spices with licenses from Agri Marketing Departments of State Governments
  • Farmers will be enlisted by field executives as well as thro Farmer Producer organizations
  • Buyers will registered in the eAuction Platform – eauctionjananibob.com 
  • Farmers would be delivering the produce at the Direct Purchase Centers 
  • Quality Assaying of the produce will be done thro eQuality Assaying equipments or accredited Quality Testing Labs, to be positioned inside the Direct Purchase Centers 
  • Produce will be sold either through the eAuction Platform or direct marketing activities. 
  • Value Addition will be done based on the requirements of the buyers – ex. Stem removal for chilies, sorting for Coriander.. 
  • Logistical support will be provided to buyers 
  • Payments will be collected from buyers and farmers’ account will be settled 
  • Cold Storage facilities will be leased out as allied activity to help marketing initiatives.

The process of Quality based eAuction Centre 

Operation of the Coriander Sorting Machine in Rajasthan