eQuality Assaying

Janani believes that “Quality Focus” from production and sustenance till market will ensure better results for the farmers as well as to its stake holders.  Janani has successfully conducted many pilots in the area of Quality Assaying and some of them are listed below:

1. Aflatoxin estimation at farm level

2. Quality assaying of Chilies using CTVIEU (Chilies and Turmeric visual inspection and evaluation Unit) developed in association with C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing), Kolkata, agri and environment R&D wing of Min. of IT. 

3. Quality Assaying of Dry Red Chilies for IPM Quality 

Some of the ongoing pilots on quality assaying are:

  • Quality Assaying of Pesticide Residues in agri produce using new technologies to reduce the cost of testing, ease of testing and instant results
  • Reducing / removal of  Pesticide Residues on agri produces using a new technology
  • Estimation of Heat Value of Dry Red Chilies using a new technology which is instantaneous and cost effective.

For more information, please mail to ceo@jananigroup.com